Advanced Analytics

Combine data from various sources to build a single source of truth for your performance.

Xsolla Advanced Analytics is a powerful but easy-to-use reporting application built into the Publisher Account interface. It provides an intuitive dashboard builder that allows you to adjust your reports for your own needs.

Key features:

  • Connect to your preferred data sources to have all your records in one place. Feel free to pull data codelessly from numerous sources including Xsolla products, SaaS services, databases, and cloud storages.
  • Set the hourly, daily, or weekly refresh rate for your data sources or refresh them manually whenever you want.
  • Create a unique set of customizable charts that reflects your performance in the best possible way. Choose from 20+ chart types to highlight the core points.
  • Set up an interaction between charts within a report to filter them by time, place, or any other dimension.
  • Distribute dashboard insights internally by setting permissions.

Last updated: October 15, 2021

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