Advanced Analytics

Combine data from various sources to build a single source of truth for your performance.

Xsolla Advanced Analytics is a powerful but easy-to-use reporting application built into the Publisher Account interface. It provides a dashboard builder that allows you to customize your reports.

With Advanced Analytics you can:

  • Connect numerous data sources, including Xsolla products, SaaS services, databases, and cloud storage.
  • Set the refresh rate for your data sources or refresh them manually whenever you want.
  • Use more than 20 types of customizable charts.
  • Set up interaction between charts within a report to filter them by time, place, or any other parameters.
  • Distribute dashboard insights internally by setting permissions.

To work with Advanced Analytics:

  • Set up Data Sources. To use external data sources, preload a file or create an integration with a SAAS service or database.
  • Create a Report to visualize data in charts and graphs.
  • Set up metrics in reports and customize charts according to your needs.

Last updated: January 22, 2024

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