How to combine data sources

In Advanced Analytics, you can combine various sources into a single data source. The combined source allows you to display data from sources of multiple types on the same chart and compare different metrics.

Creating combined data source

  1. Click Data source in the Data sources tab.

  1. Click Combine Existing Data Sources.

  1. Select two or more sources from the list of your sources and click Done.

You can combine sources of different types.

  1. Select a dimension for each data source to build the relationship between the sources. Specify a name for this dimension.

  1. Select measures from each source that will be used in the new data source and click Done.

The combined data source is updated automatically every time any of the original sources change. Use the context menu to manage the data source and its access rights.

Creating Reports

To create a report based on a combined source, follow the Basic information on creating reports guide and specify a combined data source as the data source.

Report restrictions:

  • You can use only one dimension for one chart. Other dimensions are available only as filters.
  • The following features are not available:
    • the ranking filter
    • the weeks level of the calendar dimension
    • index dimensions of the calendar dimension
    • sorting
    • creating combined data sources based on Google Ads
    • coloring by measure
  • In the cross-table, you can display only one dimension per column and per row. Also, you can’t select a measure for the entire table. To display a measure, use the List of measures dimension.
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Last updated: February 14, 2023

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