Basic information on creating reports

A report is a set of charts, text, and media content organized inside of a common canvas. Reports can be created with just a single click. For this, click the +Report button on Your reports tab:

Next, you will be transferred to the editing page. There are some options on a top bar, as it is shown:

Now let’s see how to fill the report with charts. To create a chart from scratch, just click the Insert button and choose Chart:

In the appeared window you’ll be prompted to specify the following:

  • Data source — select the already existing data source or create a new one
  • Chart type — be sure to explore all the available chart types to choose the one that displays the data in the best possible way

Now the chart is added to the canvas. Use the Settings panel to customize the chart.

Except for inserting charts, there is an option to insert text blocks, embed URL, or to upload images from your computer:

After inserting, all the objects may be modified for your purposes.

The next icon is Settings. There you can customize the grid layout by setting up the number of columns, margins, the distance between cells, and the cell size and height. Use the Show Grid checkbox to manage the grid visibility.

The settings below enable you to specify the desired colors separately for the header and the canvas and also manage the visibility of the top bar in the view mode. All these parameters may be saved as default ones:

The following button Report filter enables you to set up filters not only for a particular chart but for the entire report. You can add as many filter items as you wish:

The last button in a top bar is a three-dot button which allows you to manipulate the ready report:

Use the Save option to save changes or Duplicate to make a copy of your modified report. Change a title using the Rename button. Select Add collaborators to give access to a report to your colleagues. To download the report to your computer in a PDF format, click the Download as PDF option.

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Last updated: October 8, 2021

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