Entitlement system

How it works

The entitlement system is a digital content ownership system that lets users see a full list of games they purchased and pre-ordered. Ownership rights in a system are realised by linking digital content to the account of a user who purchased it. If you want to distribute games on your own, you can use the entitlement system as a single entry point.

Main features:

  • giving ownership rights to users when they purchase a DRM-free game
  • support of pre-ordered DRM-free games
  • getting the list of user’s owned games
  • manual game keys activation

Who can use it

  • Partners who want to distribute DRM-free games via Xsolla without using side platforms like Steam.
  • Partners who have already integrated Launcher.
  • Partners who distribute games via a web store and want to implement a system for checking game ownership.

How to get it

Integration flow

To create an entitlement system:
  1. Open your project in Publisher Account.
  2. Click Store in the side menu.
  3. Set up the Game Keys module. When setting up, choose the DRM free option in the DRM info block.
  4. Set up authentication via Pay Station access token or Login.
  5. Call API for working with the entitlement system.

User flow

For authenticated users

  1. The user logs in to the Launcher.
  2. The user browses the list of available games in the Entitlement system section.
  3. The user selects games and purchases them. Bought or pre-ordered games are automatically added to their entitlement system.
Users can’t buy the game multiple times, even if it is sold in a bundle. The system allows setting different access to games in a sandbox mode and in a real mode. If a user cancels their purchase, the games they bought are removed from the entitlement system. Regional sale restrictions apply to purchasing DRM-free games.
  1. The user gets an email with order details.
  2. The user gets access to the purchased game and can start playing it.
If a user pre-ordered a game, they can start playing it only after its official release.

For unauthenticated users

  1. The user enters their email before creating the order.
  2. The user buys a DRM-free game without logging in to Launcher.
  3. The user gets an email with the game key.
Keys for pre-ordered games are sent to users on the game release date.
  1. The key is redeemed in one of the following ways:
    • by the user after they log in to the Launcher
    • by the support service manager or partner via the Grant entitlement API call
    You can also revoke ownership of a game from a user via the Revoke entitlement API call. In this case, the key will be deactivated.
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    Last updated: January 22, 2024

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