Regional sale restrictions

How it works

The Regional sale restrictions feature lets game developers:

  • Set different game prices for individual countries or groups of countries;
  • Prohibit the sales of game keys in certain countries.

You can control the sales of your game for specific countries and country groups.

Who can use it

Partners who have Buy Button integrated and the Game Keys module enabled.

How to get it

To enable the feature, please contact your Account Manager. We will need the following information for each platform that you want to be subject to regional restrictions:

  • Restriction type:
    • Activation: A keys can be activated in certain countries only.
    • Launch: A keys can be activated in any country, but the game can be launched in certain countries only;
    • Activation and launch: A keys can be activated and the game can be launched in certain countries only.
  • List of country groups with different keys prices.
  • Settings for each group of countries:
    • Group name.
    • SKU — a unique group identifier.
    • List of prices in different currencies. Make sure to indicate the price in the default currency.
    • List of countries within each group.
  • List of countries where keys are disabled (if any).

To set different game prices after the feature was enabled, please contact your Account Manager.

For any single platform, a country can belong either to a different-price group or to the preorders-disabled group. If a country is not listed in any of the groups, keys can be sold without any restrictions, at the prices set in default settings.

If keys activation and game launching are made on your or the DRM platform’s side, then, on the release date, make sure to upload keys with regional restrictions already configured.