Integration with Discord

Integrating Discord with Xsolla Chat allows you to chat with the Xsolla team within your Discord channel. To do this, you need to add the Xsolla Chat Integration application to the server, which controls the Xsolla Chat Bot.

To set up integration:

  1. Log into Discord and add the Xsolla Chat Integration app to your server.
  2. Select a server from the dropdown list and click Continue.

To perform this action, you must have rights to manage the server. If necessary, you can create a new server.
  1. Grant the application the following rights:
    • Manage Channels — to create channels that will be connected to Chat.
    • Manage Webhooks — to create a webhook that will help deliver messages from the Xsolla team to the channel. The Xsolla Chat Bot sends messages to the channel on behalf of the Xsolla employee who is chatting.
    • Send Messages — to send messages by the bot.
    • Manage Messages — to edit the messages sent to the bot.
    • Attach Files — to send files by the bot.
  1. Create and configure a new separate category for channels that will be connected to Chat. The app will only access messages in the created category. It will limit the scope of the channels for the bot and ensure the safety of your data on the server. To create a category:
    1. Open Discord in a browser.
    2. Open your server menu and select Create Category.
Don’t use already existing categories with channels. During the integration process, channels that are connected to Chat can be removed from this category.
    1. Enter the name of the category, set the toggle Private Category to active and click Next.

    1. Grant access to a limited number of server members and the Xsolla Chat Integration application. To do this, in the Roles section, check the box next to the Xsolla Chat Integration role.

    • You can also check the box next to other roles or members who must be present in the private channel. If your channel has a large number of users, it is recommended that you control access to the category only through roles. You can read more about setting up roles in the Discord guide.

    1. Click Create Category.

  1. Create a text channel in the category. To do that:
    1. Click on the icon + next to the category name you created.
    2. Choose channel type Text Channel.
    3. Set the name of the channel.
    4. Click Create Channel.
  1. Copy the link to the created channel from the address bar of the browser and send it to your Customer Success Manager. The link is needed to define the category in which the Chat channels will be created.
If your project doesn’t have a Customer Success Manager, you can send this info through the Chat widget in the lower corner of the screen in the Xsolla Publisher Account or on the documentation website.
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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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