These FAQs are useful for game developers and publishers interested in using Xsolla products and solutions. If you have any questions regarding making a purchase or requesting a refund, refer to FAQs for gamers.

General information

What is Xsolla?

Xsolla is a video game commerce company that develops products and solutions for game developers and publishers. Xsolla helps make, monetize, sell, and distribute games. Products and solutions can be used at any game development stage by companies of different levels — both indies and enterprises.

What is the difference between products and solutions?

A product aims at solving a particular task, e.g., setting up accepting payment in an application or user authentication. A solution is a combination of Xsolla products and expertise that help game developers and publishers comprehensively develop their products and provide new opportunities for business growth.

What is Publisher Account?

Publisher Account is an application after registration in which you would get access to all Xsolla products settings, analytics on their usage, as well as financial reports.


What Xsolla products can I use?

Xsolla has a wide variety of products to help you achieve your goals:
Your needXsolla product
Accept payments via 700+ payment methods around the globe.Pay Station
Offer content using in-app purchases.In-Game Store
Flexibly manage subscription plans.Subscriptions
Sell game keys.Buy Button
Launch a customizable and secure website.Site Builder
Effectively promote your game.Partner Network
Set up fast user authentication and secure storage of user data.Login
Create your own customized gaming launcher.Launcher
Set up a channel for internal and external communication.Chat

Where can I find detailed information about each product?

Go to the product documentation and choose the corresponding section.

How can I integrate products?

Refer to an integration guide on the page of a product you are interested in.

Are there any FAQs about particular products?

Detailed FAQs are available for the following products:


What Xsolla solutions can I use?

Xsolla has a wide variety of solutions to help you achieve your goals:
Your needXsolla solution
Develop and launch an online store on your own site to sell in-game goods and currencies and save on platform fees.Web Shop
Monetize your game and safely receive payments via a user-friendly interface in the in-game store.Payments
Start game monetization before its release while a pre-order campaign.Pre-Orders
Connect your game to a global network of digital platforms and ecosystems.Digital Distribution Hub

Where can I find detailed information about each solution?

Go to the solution documentation and choose the corresponding section.

How can I integrate solutions?

Refer to the instructions on the page of a solution you are interested in.

Project settings

How do I launch the modules I activated in Publisher Account?

You need to configure and test the modules before launching them. Refer to the integration guides of Xsolla products for more detailed information.

When you experience problems with receiving webhooks, check if the webhook server is installed correctly. If you use Xsolla PHP SDK, refer to the documentation. If the issue persists, contact us at integration@xsolla.com.

Do I need to create new projects for each environment (QA, staging, production)?

For testing, we recommend that you use separate projects to avoid affecting the production environment.

I am a mobile game developer. What should I specify as the website in the project settings?

Specify the URL of the game’s website or the URL of your company’s website.

How can I invite members of my company to give them access to my Publisher Account?

In your Publisher Account, go to the Company settings > Users and click Invite new user.

API and webhooks

What Xsolla API are available?

You can use the following API:

How to begin working with Xsolla API?

Refer to the introductory information.

Where can I find information about working with webhooks?

In the webhook documentation.

Do I need to use HTTPS for a webhook protocol?


Why was Xsolla notification not sent to the webhook URL?

Make sure that your webhook server supports the required types of HTTP requests (POST, GET).

Why are webhooks not sent to my mobile application?

Webhooks are sent to only a single URL address specified in your project settings. Being server-to-server, webhooks cannot be sent to several URL addresses. If you would like to receive notifications in your game, website, or mobile application, set up sending webhooks on your server to pass data between Xsolla and your game.


What Xsolla SDKs are available?

Xsolla supports the following SDK:

Where can I find detailed information about each SDK?

Go to SDK documentation and choose the corresponding section.

Is there SDK for Node.JS/C#/Ruby/Java/ASP, etc.?

Currently there are SDK for PHP and Android. You can build your own SDK using any language/platform, as long as it has HTTPS request functionality.

Contact information

If you haven’t found an answer to your questions in the FAQs, contact us via other channels:

  • Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner and contact the integration team via a messenger. You will get an answer that resolves your problem in real time.
  • Email at integration@xsolla.com.
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to csm@xsolla.com.
  • Contact integration specialist via Basecamp.

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Last updated: May 17, 2024

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