How to provide users with daily rewards

You can provide users with daily rewards using the features of the In-Game Store.

This allow you to:

  • Retain existing users and increase their activity in the game - users are motivated to enter the game every day to receive a reward.
  • Attract new users with valuable rewards that would otherwise take longer to obtain during gameplay.
  • Draw attention to subscriptions and battle passes by providing daily rewards for their purchase.

You can provide a daily reward to:

User flow

  1. The user enters the store.
  2. The user sees an item that is available only once a day for free.

  1. The user receives the item.
  2. For the user, the item no longer appears in the catalog until the next limit update. After the limit update, the item appears again and the user can receive it.

  1. Example: Limit updates occur daily at 8pm. If a user received a reward at 5pm, then he can claim a new reward again in 3 hours after the limit updates.

How to set it up

Providing daily reward to all users

Create a free item and set a limit for the user with a Daily limit update frequency. You can create an item and limits via Publisher Account or API calls.

Via Publisher Account

  1. Open your project in Publisher Account.
  2. Click Store in the side menu.
  3. In the Virtual Items pane, click Configure.
  4. Click + and select Create item from the drop-down list
  5. Specify:
    • Image
    • SKU
    • One or several groups the item should belong to
    • Name
    • Description
    • Item property: consumable, nonconsumable, or time-limited
  6. In the Price settings block, choose Free item.
  7. Switch the Limit number of times one user can buy this item toggle to On and specify a value as 1.
  8. Choose Daily from the Limitation refresh frequency drop-down list and set the time and time zone.

  1. To show the item in the store, set the Show item in store toggle to On.
  2. Click Create item.

Via API calls

To create free items, use API calls from the Admin subsection:

In the request body, pass:

  • is_free = true — to create a free item
  • limits.per_user = 1 — so that each user can receive the item only once
  • recurrent_schedule array with interval_type = daily parameter — to update the limit daily

You can review detailed instructions on setting up free items and setting up a user limits.

Providing daily rewards with personalization

You can provide daily rewards only to those users who meet specific conditions, for example such as purchasing an item or reaching a certain level in the game.

To do this:

Detailed instructions are provided in the Personalization section.
You can also create rewards that users receive weekly or monthly. To do this, specify the update frequency when setting up limits:
  • via Publisher Account — select Weekly or Monthly in the Limitation refresh frequency drop-down list.
  • via API calls — in recurrent_schedule array specify the parameter value interval_type = weekly or interval_type = monthly.
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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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