How to group items in catalog

You can add items in groups to create a multilevel catalog. The group can include both the same and different types of items: virtual items, virtual currency, packages of virtual currency, bundles, physical goods, and game keys.

Main features:

  • Add the same item in several groups.
  • Add smaller groups to bigger ones to create a multilevel catalog.
  • Change the order of the groups.

Set up groups in one of the following ways:

Set up via Publisher Account

Create group

Follow the virtual items configuration instruction to create a group for virtual items via Publisher Account.

Edit group

To edit a group:

  1. Go to Store > Virtual Items and click the ••• icon. Click Edit group in the pop-up menu.

  1. Specify a new group ID and change the group name and location. You can also toggle the group display in Store.

  1. Save changs.

If you disabled a group display in Store (set the Show group in Store toggle to Off), this group:
  • Won’t return in the response to the Get items groups list API call.
  • Won’t appear in the properties of items that belong to this group when calling the APIs for getting the list of items.
  • Can be used for creating a catalog structure in Publisher Account.

Add item to group

To add a virtual item to a required group, specify the group when creating a new item or editing the existing item.

Items without a specific group are automatically added to the Ungrouped group.

Set up via API calls

Contact your Account Manager to create a new group or change the existing group via API calls.

Add item to group

To add an item to the existing group via API calls, pass the external_id parameter to API calls for creating or updating the items:

Example of the request:

Full screen
Small screen
   "sku": "sword",
   "name": {
      "en": "Sword",
   "is_enabled": true,
   "is_free": false,
   "order": 1,
   "description": {
      "en": "A sword is a bladed melee weapon intended for cutting or thrusting that is longer than a knife or dagger, consisting of a long blade attached to a hilt.",
   "prices": [
         "amount": 100,
         "currency": "USD",
         "Is_enabled": true,
         "is_default": true
   "vc_prices": [ ],
   "is_show_in_store": true,
   "groups": [
         "external_id": "string"

Get list of groups

To get the list of all groups, use the Get items group list API call. To get the list of items of the specified group, pass the external_id parameter to the Get items list by specified group API call.

You can get the list of all groups and the list of items of the specified group via the API calls only for virtual items. Use filtering for working with other groups of items.

Filter items

To filter items of the required group:

  1. Get the list of items via the following API calls:
  2. Using the filtering, find the items with the external_id parameter of the required group specified in the groups parameter.