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Consumable item

Consumable item is an item in the inventory that can be accrued or purchased repeatedly and decreases in its number once used. The item stock can be replenished. Example: grenades and bullets to attack the opponents, coins, etc.

Nonconsumable item

Nonconsumable item is an item in the inventory that can be accrued or purchased only once and does not disappear from the inventory. Example: access to a location, status, etc.

Nonrenewing subscription

Nonrenewing subscription is a nonconsumable item that is available for a limited period of time and disappears from the inventory when itexpires. For example: premium access or season access.

Integration flow

  1. Create your Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Create and set up a project in Publisher Account:
    1. Go to Projects and click Create a new project icon.
    2. Specify Project name and click Create.

  1. Go to Project settings > Integration settings and make sure that the Integrate Commerce API toggle is set to On.
  2. Set up the Virtual Currency or Virtual Items module in Publisher Account.
  3. Implement the Store API client methods or integrate them via the SDK.

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