Launcher start page

How it works

By default, all games in Launcher are presented as a list and have no descriptions. To attract users to buy and install your games, you can set up and fully customize the Launcher start page. Start page is a catalog that displays games with their system requirements, detailed descriptions, images, and additional media. The Home section of the start page contains the games added to Launcher. The games are divided into three blocks: Featured games, New games, and All games.You can also place the recent news from the Launcher to the start page.

Who can use it

Partners who have already integrated Launcher.

How to get it

To set up a standard start page:

  1. Add your games content to the Launcher start page.
  2. Set up the interface of the Launcher start page.
  3. Enable the start page in Launcher.

To generate and upload an archive with a custom start page build, follow the Generating an archive instruction.

Add the content

To add content to the start page:

  1. Log in to Publisher Account.
  2. Go to Launcher > General settings and upload the company logo.
  3. Go to Launcher > Game setup > Game modules and add the detailed game information:
    • Game logo
    • Start page languages
    • Game image
    • Game summary (a short game description)
    • Game description
    • System requirements
    • Details about the game’s origin (its developer, publisher, release date, etc.)
  4. In the Game media files section, upload media files like images and links to videos. They will be added to the game description.
  5. Add the game to a block of the start page:
    • To add your game to the Featured games block, set the Show in featured games toggle to On and add a featured image.
    • To add your game to the New games block, set the Show in new games toggle to On.

Provide a separate set of content for each language of the interface.

Set up the interface

A start page is an HTML page. You can change its background image on your own. To customize other page elements, contact your Account Manager.

Flows of interface customization depend on the customization type you selected when you created Launcher.

Enable a start page

  1. Go to Launcher > General settings and set the Show Start page in Launcher toggle to On.
  2. To show news on the start page, set the Show last updates toggle to On.

Set up a custom start page

  1. Install npm of version 8.0.0 or higher.
  2. Open the launcher/PromoPage/src folder and run the npm i command.
  3. Open the launcher/PromoPage folder and run the npm run build command. The result of this command is the build folder.
  4. Generate the archive in the 7z format based on the build folder content.
  5. Go to Publisher Account > General Settings, set the Show start page in Launcher toggle to On.
  6. Set the Use custom start page toggle to On and upload the archive.

You need to generate separate archives with the start page build and the Launcher build.
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Last updated: June 25, 2021

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