Configure game settings

To configure the game settings:

  1. Open your project in Publisher Account.
  2. Click Launcher in the side menu.
  3. Find the launcher on the dashboard, and click Edit launcher.
  4. Scroll down to the Games section.
  5. Change the settings.
  6. Click Save changes.
In the Games section, you can also connect additional games to the launcher project.

To configure the settings, click Set up to the right of your game in the Games section of the launcher project.

The following setting groups are available:


Add a custom page as a header tab on the game page. For more information about the Tabs page, see the instruction.

Game info

Specify the information and elements that the launcher shows on the game page:

  1. Select Game genre. The launcher shows this value in the About the game > Game genre section.
  2. In Community website, specify the link to your website for the game community. The launcher shows this link as the globe icon in the right toolbar with social network icons.
  3. Add social network links by clicking the buttons with network names and specifying the appropriate links in the input fields that appear. For each added social network link, the launcher shows the network icon in the right toolbar. Clicking this icon redirects a user to the specified link.
  4. In Support page, specify the link that users will use to contact your support team. The launcher shows this link as the question icon in the lower right corner.

  1. Specify the information about your game in different languages. The launcher shows it to users who do not own the game yet. The list of languages depends on the following settings: Launcher settings > General settings > Languages.
    The English language is the default one and cannot be removed. To specify the game information in a language other than English, click this language and scroll down to the panel that appears.
To publish content on the news page, select the News page placement when creating content in the launcher project.
  1. The game information consists of the following fields:
    • Development studio — the name of your development studio that the launcher shows in the About the game > Development studio section.
    • Link to game trailer — the link to the game trailer that a user can watch by clicking the Trailer button next to the Buy now button.
    • About the game — a short description of the game that the launcher shows in the About the game section.
    • Minimum system requirements — the requirements that the launcher shows in the System requirements > Minimum section.
    • Recommended system requirements — the requirements that the launcher shows in the System requirements > Recommended section.


The following settings are available in this section:

  • Distribution model — choose how users access the game from the launcher.
    If you select Free-to-play (F2P), users have free access to the game after downloading the launcher.
    If you select Pay-to-play (P2P), users must purchase the game to access it. To let them buy the game in the launcher, add a game keys package to the store, and then select the package SKU in Game keys package SKU.

You can add only DRM-free keys.

  • Game keys > Allow players to activate game keys — choose whether users can activate the game directly in the launcher.
    If you set the toggle to On, the launcher shows the Redeem button on the game page in case this game key is not activated yet. By clicking this button, the user can enter the key for the game and activate it. If you set the toggle to Off, the launcher never shows the Redeem button.

  • Store > Show store in the launcher — choose whether the launcher shows the Store tab on the game’s page. With the store, you can sell keys, virtual items, virtual currencies, DLCs, and in-game items directly to users.
    To set up store content, follow the guide.

  • Store > Display settings — choose whether the launcher will always show the store, or only when a user owns the game.


Set the game builds that different versions of the launcher will use. For more information, see Upload game build.

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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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