Set up launcher

Create a Launcher instance in your Publisher Account:

  1. Set Launcher name.
  2. Choose the UI languages.
  3. Pick one of the predefined Login configurations or create your own by sending its name.
  4. Add one or more projects that you have set up in Publisher Account.

After finalizing Launcher settings in Publisher Account, do the following:

  1. Clone the Launcher from its GitHub repository.
  2. Select the folder of the cloned repository that contains the required launcher version. Go to launcher/win for Windows version and / for macOS version. Specify values for the objects in the config.json file.


Full screen
Small screen
   "launcher_project_id": "8c91ecf3-e7b0-46a8-aaf7-4c419ef8ef4b",
   "login_project_id": "bd2e1104-5494-48f9-ac50-98f230062df1",
   "callback_url": "",
   "product_name": "Launcher",
   "link_support": "",
   "link_community": "",
   "game_autoupdate": false,
   "hide_peer_seed_info": false,
   "hide_email": false,
   "build_number": 1

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