How to customize emails to users

How it works

You can customize the appearance and content of the following emails sent to users:

  • Account confirmation
  • Email change
  • Password change

Emails are customized using HTML.

Who can use it

Partners who have already integrated Login and use Xsolla database or a custom storage.

How to get it

The email must contain some explanatory text and a link to confirm the user’s action. Use the {{action_link}} placeholder where you want the link to be placed — the link itself will be generated on the Xsolla side.

To create a customized email:

  1. Go to Publisher Account > your Login project > Customization > Email notifications.
  2. Add an HTML template for the email using inline styles.
  3. Preview the email in a browser.

Example of a user account confirmation email:

Full screen
Small screen
<table style="font-family:Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; background-color:#c1d9ff">
    <td>Your account activation link: {{action_link}}</td>

If you want to send emails from custom address, contact your Account Manager.