Partner Network

Xsolla Partner Network allows game developers to manage every affiliate and influencer program with a single, easy-to-use, cost-effective tool. With this product, you can create specific types of programs for influencers & affiliate networks and manage them using a convenient and effective tool.

Key features include:

  • Large database of collaborators from 40+ countries and territories:
    • 4,000+ influencers
    • 50+ affiliate networks
  • Interaction with collaborators based on either a revenue sharing, an incentive, or both models
  • Flexible configuration of programs depending on the selected collaborator type
  • Automatic sending of event notifications to program participants
  • Automatic generation of tracking links and promo codes for influencers
  • Various ways to track the connection between collaborators and referrals:
    • Via cookies
    • Via promo codes
  • Automatic payouts to collaborators for each referral
  • Analytics tools:
    • Activity tracking for collaborators
    • Program performance evaluation:
      • Number of referrals (clicks)
      • Number of successful transactions (sales)
      • Gross revenue generated via referrals
      • Revenue shared with collaborators
      • Net earnings from referrals



An influencer is a person or group of persons having authority on social networks and a strong influence on their online audience by publishing relevant and entertaining content. Their opinion is often a determining factor when deciding on buying a branded product.

In the gaming industry, most influencers are video content creators posting game reviews, let’s plays, or live streaming their games.


An affiliate is an individual or company promoting an affiliate program of a game developer. They do so by advertising the game on their website, purchasing traffic, or its arbitrage. In exchange, they charge the developer a commission on every purchase made by the users they bring.

Affiliate Network

An affiliate network is an intermediary between the developer and an affiliate. It aggregates the game developer’s affiliate programs and advertising platforms, and gives the former access to an extensive database of affiliates to promote the game. It also ensures proper tracking, calculations, and payouts.

Partner Program

A partner (referral) program is a form of business cooperation between a game developer and a collaborator aimed at promoting the game by driving traffic to it. The game developer shares a certain percentage of its revenue with the collaborator for each referral. By acting as an intermediary between the participants, Xsolla lets developers and collaborators use a convenient tool to manage their respective programs.

One project can have an unlimited number of time-based programs. The following program types are supported:

  • For influencers
  • For affiliates/affiliate networks

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing is the business model behind Xsolla Partner Network. The game developer pays the collaborator a share of the revenue made on each referral.

Revenue sharing features:

  • No upfront cost required to launch the program
  • The developer chooses the revenue percentage they are willing to share
  • All calculations and payouts are made by Xsolla


Incentive is when the developer pays an upfront cost to the influencer without waiting for profits from the referrals the latter brings to the game. The upfront cost is then withheld from the revenue share payable to the influencer for referrals.

Incentive features:

  • Upfront cost is required to launch the program
  • The developer chooses the upfront cost amount and revenue sharing percentage at their own will
  • All calculations and payouts are made by Xsolla

See recipe


Premium refers to a premier business model of distributing video games whereby users can only start playing after purchasing the game.


Free-to-play is a business model of distributing video games whereby users can start playing without making a payment. Most free-to-play games monetize via in-game purchases.

How It Works

Minimum Requirements to Run a Program

  1. Have integrated Pay Station on a performance optimized landing page.
  2. Use Xsolla as an exclusive partner in terms of payments and billing on the game's landing page (or in client if revenue sharing is applied to in-game purchases).
  3. Distribute desktop or web games.

For influencer programs: a game should have a playable version, that allows influencers to create video content.

For affiliate networks programs: must deliver at least the minimum of the required promotional materials.

Promo Materials for Affiliate Networks

To create a program for affiliate networks, you need to provide us with promo materials. The promo materials should satisfy the requirements stated below. We will also give you some recommendations on how to prepare your promo materials.

The minimum set of materials required for the affiliate networks program activation includes: banners (all the sizes mentioned in the requirements), game description, game logo, and a video trailer. Please make sure that all the graphic materials (banners, screenshots, and key art) are of high quality. All images of high dimension and resolution shall be optimized for web.

You should submit all the promo materials in one file in the ZIP or RAR format, the file size can be up to 250 MB.


Images should represent your game the best. It is better to prepare more than one image for different banner ad sizes. Color scheme needs to stand out without being overbearing and needs to match your logo and CTA buttons.

  • Sizes in pixels: 120x600, 160x600, 200x200, 200x300, 240x400, 300x250, 336x280, 460x215, 468x60, 500x500, 728x90, 336x768, 1600x1200, 234x60, 800x440, 1000x360, 600x90, 300x600, 1200x627, 1200х630, 1200х717, 828х315, 550х480, 640×200, 640х960, 640x360, 970x90, 320x100, 100x75, 180x150.
  • Preferred file format - JPEG; alternative - GIF and HTML5, PSD.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA): each banner needs to have CTA buttons in English. Call-To-Action buttons encourage users to take action. An example of CTA would be: Buy Now.
  • File size: up to 10 MB.

Note: If you are interested in acquiring worldwide traffic, your CTA buttons need to be translated into local languages.

Game Description

  • Length: up to 400 words.
  • Language: English.

Note: If you are interested in acquiring worldwide traffic, your game description needs to be translated into local languages.

  • Size in pixels: 460x215.
  • Preferred file format - JPEG; alternative - PNG.


  • Sizes in pixels: 1280x720 or 1920x1080.
  • File format: JPG.
  • File size: up to 10 MB.

Key Art

  • Sizes in pixels: recommended 800x440, 1600x1200; minimum 600x300.
  • Preferred file format - JPEG; alternative - PNG, PSD.
  • File size: up to 10 MB.

Video Trailer

  • Length: up to 2 minutes.
  • File format: MP4 or a link to the trailer on YouTube.
  • File size: up to 10 MB.

Make sure that your trailer is engaging and captures your audience's attention in the first 5-10 seconds. Keep things short - the recommended length is between 1m and 1m 30s.

You can also upload gameplay or other video types.

Integration Flow

To integrate Partner Network:

  1. Register an Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Integrate the payment solution.
  4. Create a program.
  5. Launch the program.

Note: This guide describes the minimum settings required to quick-start the module. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or email us at

Creating a Project

  1. Go to Projects and click Create new project.
  2. In setup mode:
    1. Enter project name.
    2. Provide website URL.

Integrating the Payment Solution

To track referrals and make payouts for collaborators, you first need to integrate Xsolla’s payment solution. You can find the integration guide here.

Notice: Xsolla’s payment solution must be the only way to pay used on the game’s landing page that traffic is driven to under the Partner Network program.

Creating a Program

  1. Go to Partner Network and click Create program.
  2. Enter the program name.
  3. Select the program type:
    • For influencers
    • For affiliate networks
  4. Complete the game’s profile:
    • Name
    • Genre
    • Website URL
    • Description
    • Image
  5. Select the game’s business model:
    • Premium
    • Free-to-play
  6. In program settings, specify the following:
    • Participation period
    • Revenue sharing percentage
    • Revenue sharing end date. This is the last day on which the collaborator can get paid for a referral brought within the participation period
    • Landing page users are sent to after following the tracking link. The landing page must contain a call-to-action (game purchase)
  7. Click Submit program to complete program creation.

Note: You can complete the game profile automatically from its Steam page. To do this, click Autofill from Steam, enter your Steam App ID, and click Import.
Notice: You can edit all settings before you have launched the program. After this, only some settings will be editable. You will be able to increase the parameters (e.g., revenue share or participation period) and enable additional options, but not decrease/disable them, respectively.

Launching a Program

After you have created a program, it is submitted for approval. In case of approval:

  • An influencer program appears in the influencer’s account on the day it launches.
  • An affiliate program is distributed as an offer to all connected affiliates/affiliate networks on the day it launches.

Note: Approval can take up to three business days. If we find any inconsistencies, your Account Manager will get in touch with you. The program will be suspended until approval.


Our Recipes will help you try out some of Partner Network’s advanced features:


Q. I already use some Xsolla products and want to enable Partner Network. What do I need to do?

A. You can enable Partner Network from your Publisher Account, as described in this integration guide. Before enabling the solution, you could contact your Account Manager to find out if you need to sign an addendum to your license agreement.

Q. Do you support integration with third-party tracking services?

A. We provide our proprietary tracking technology, but can look into integration with an external one. For details, please contact your Account Manager.

Q. Can I view real-time stats?

A. Yes, real-time stats are available in your Publisher Account.

Q. Can I edit an already-running program?

A. You can edit all settings before you have launched the program. After this, only some settings will be editable. You will be able to increase the parameters (e.g., revenue share or participation period) and enable additional options, but not decrease/disable them, respectively.

Q. Can I end a program before its expiration?

A. Yes, you can do so by sending a request to your Account Manager. After a program is stopped, it won’t be available for new influencers and affiliate networks. Tracking links and promo codes generated for the collaborators that joined the program before it was stopped will be effective until the revenue share end date.

Tracking links and promo codes generated for the traffic sources that joined the program before it was stopped will be effective until the revenue share end date.

Q. Where can I find detailed sales stats, including revenue sharing data?

A. You can download an CSV or XLS at Accounting > Transaction registry. Partner Network transactions will be highlighted separately.

Q. How do I receive payouts under Partner Network?

A. These are included in the standard partner payouts. Partner Network transactions are highlighted separately in the transaction report.

Q. What kinds of traffic can I restrict when creating an affiliate/affiliate network program?

A. You can restrict the following types of traffic:

  • Social media marketing
  • Contextual advertising
  • Pop-up ads
  • Mailings
  • Incentivized traffic
  • Mobile traffic, etc.

Note: You can find the full list of traffic types in program settings.