Xsolla Trusted Influencers

How it works

You can share exclusive benefits with the most talented influencers on Partner Network. Create a separate program and make it available for Xsolla Trusted Influencers only.

Xsolla Trusted Influencers are the ones who are most familiar with Partner Network. They have successfully completed educational tutorials and accomplished many goal-oriented missions. They know all the tips and tricks and have already generated real traffic and driven sales. You can create a program targeted at Trusted Influencers as an addition to your existing programs or independently.

You might want to still have a program that is available to a broader number of influencers, as it will help you generate more revenue.

Tutorials in the influencer’s profile:

Missions in the influencer’s profile:

How to get it

To give Xsolla Trusted Influencers unique access to your program, go to Program settings > Exceptions > White list and check the following boxes:

  • Make this program available for the white list only
  • Add all Xsolla Trusted Influencers to this list

You can turn this option off anytime by editing the program and unchecking the boxes.