How to set up and customize dedicated environment

How it works

The fully branded dedicated environment for Influencer Account is an additional way to promote your game. It allows you to deploy Partner Network on your own domain, featuring only your programs and inviting only specific influencers. Provide access to the dedicated environment to all influencers with a direct link.

The dedicated environment allows you to create your own entry point for the programs, completing with a custom URL, enabling to cross-promote your games and providing your community with one central place to redeem content across all of your games.

Examples of our partners’ dedicated environments:

You need to have at least one active program.

How to get it

Set up the dedicated environment

To create and set up your own dedicated environment:
  1. Create your custom domain. Use a clear and eye-catching one so it’s memorable for influencers. For example, if your website domain is, possible names for your dedicated environment are or
There are no technical restrictions for the domain level, but for convenience we recommend you use a third-level domain. You can set it up in the DNS settings of your domain.
  1. Create a CNAME record:
    1. Go to the control panel of your domain.
    2. In the settings, find Add a record to DNS or a similar function.
    3. Add the CNAME record with as the value for your domain.
If you want to use your own CDN, instead of adding the DNS-record you need to set up a proxy-server with configured as the source server.
  1. Get an SSL certificate.
If you didn’t receive the SSL certificate yourself, request the Let’s Encrypt certificate in the email to your Customer Success Manager.
  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to with the following details:
    1. The domain name.
    2. The SSL certificate (if you received it yourself).
    3. Any materials you feel necessary for the customization.
If you manage the SSL certificate yourself, you need to send the certificate to your Customer Success Manager after every update. Let’s Encrypt certificate is updated automatically every 3 months. If, for some reason, the update did not happen and you can’t open your dedicated environment, contact your Customer Success Manager or email to and report the problem.

Customize the dedicated environment

You can flexibly configure the dedicated environment interface by customizing the following elements:

  • Name of your site
  • Login and sign-up page

Here you can customize:

    • Background style. Choose one option:
      • Background image. Recommended size: 1920x1080 px.
      • Background color without image. Dark or light.
      • Background video. Requirements:
        • Active link to a public YouTube video.
        • Video tint in the RGBA format (example: “255, 0, 123, 0.5”).
        • 16:9 aspect ratio (example: 1920x1080).
        • Using a looped video is recommended.
    • Xsolla footer style. Dark or light.
    • Floating logo. Requirements:
      • Format: PNG with transparent background.
      • Image size: 304x220 px.
      • Location: top-left (by default), top-right, or top-center.
    • Login and sign-up card:
      • Game developer logo. Recommended size: 222x64 px.
      • Game developer’s company name.
      • Site name.
      • Login page title. Must not exceed 50 characters.
      • Login page description. Must not exceed 140 characters.
      • Sign-up page title. Must not exceed 50 characters.
      • Sign-up page description. Must not exceed 140 characters.
      • Card transparency. From 0% to 100%. Recommended: 80% or 100%.
      • Card color (dark/light).
      • Text color (dark/light).
      • Card position (left/right/center).

  • Programs’ tab

Here you can customize:

    1. Game developer logo. Recommended size: 64x64 px.
    2. Game developer’s company name.
    3. Programs’ tab heading. Must not exceed 39 characters.

To customize all the necessary elements of the dedicated environment interface, fill out the form. Make sure to attach all the materials for the customization. Fill out the form

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Last updated: February 2, 2024

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