How to set up Twitch Drops campaign

How it works

A Twitch Drops campaign is an effective way to support influencers who actively promote your game on Twitch and attract new players. Within the campaign, players watch the streams of influencers who joined your programs and can get different rewards: game keys, promo codes, in-game items, etc.

Player flow

  1. Within the campaign period, the player watches an influencer’s stream. A Twitch Drops campaign is activated on a stream if:
    • It has a Drops Enabled status.
    • In the stream chat, the message Get rewards by watching creator_name play game_name is displayed.

  1. To see the campaign details, the player needs to click the corresponding button under the message.

  1. The player clicks Connect in the Connection section and links their account to the campaign.

  1. For watching the stream the player gets rewards at a specified frequency. When setting up a campaign, you need to specify the type, number and frequency of the reward.
  2. The stream interface notifies the player that they’ve received a reward. Depending on campaign settings, the notification is also sent to the player’s email.

  1. To get a reward, the player needs to go to the Drops section and click Claim now in the reward card.

Reward notifications and its display in the Drops section are available even for players who haven’t connected their Twitch account to the campaign, but they must connect it to get a reward.

  • The player gets a reward in one of the following ways:
    • Game keys and promo codes for discounts are sent to the player’s email.
    • In-game items and in-game currency are displayed in the game interface.

How other types of rewards are issued depends on your campaign settings.

Who can use it

Partners who have:

  • a game in the Twitch catalog
  • at least one active Partner Network program for influencers

How to get it

You can set up a Twitch Drops campaign and its landing page in one of the following ways:

Setting up Twitch Drops campaign via Account Manager

To apply for a Twitch Drops campaign setting up via your Account Manager, contact them or send an email to Your email should specify the campaign details and details for its landing page. Wait for the approval of your application.

Campaign settings

  • Game ID.
  • Game name.

Add an eye-catching cover with readable text and large visual elements to the game in the Twitch catalog. Small details may not be visible to players.

  • Domain name for the landing page. Example:
  • Campaign name.
  • Campaign image. Size: 160 х 160 px. Weight: no more than 1 MB. Format: JPEG. This will be displayed for players and other influencers when the campaign is upcoming or live.
  • Campaign start date and time.
  • Campaign end date and time.
  • Feedback email for players who got a reward or encountered any difficulties.
  • List of rewards that will be given out in the campaign.
  • Terms of issue for each reward.
  • Reward type (there may be several types within a campaign):
    • game key
    • promo code
    • in-game item
    • in-game currency
    • coupon for the item
    • subscription
    • other
  • Reward parameters:
    • Short descriptive reward name in English.
    • Reward image. Size: 160 х 160 px. Weight: no more than 1 MB. Format: JPEG.
    • Name of the game the reward is issued in.
    • Frequency of getting the reward:
      • one time (can be dropped by one player only once during the campaign period)
      • many times (can be dropped by one player several times during the campaign period)
    • The maximum number of rewards on each type.
    • Additional information (depends on a reward type):
      • If the reward is a game key:
        • game keys list
        • link to game key activation (may be the same for all keys)
      • If the reward is a promo code:
        • promo codes list
        • discount percentage by a promo code
      • If the reward is an in-game item:
        • Item image. Size: 160 х 160 px. Format: JPEG.
        • Item name in English.
        • Item key activation code or inventory item ID. Requirements:
          • For the activation code: section in the game where the player needs to enter the code;
          • For the inventory item ID: a unique code (ID/SKU) of the item by which Xsolla will be able to add the item to the inventory.

For other types of rewards, connect with your Account Manger for additional information.

  • Twitch Drops campaign type:
    • Open — available to all influencers.
    • Private — to a specific list of influencers. For this type of campaign, send a list of influencers who will be able to see it.

It’s recommended to set up a private Twitch Drops campaign to make the game promotion even more effective and avoid security problems. If there is no list of influencers, the campaign will automatically be available to all influencers who are streaming your game online on Twitch.

Landing page settings

  • Background for the main block of the landing page. Possible options:
    • Image. Requirements:
      • high quality
      • size: at least 1920 х 1080 px
    • Video. Requirements:
      • high quality
      • weight: no more than 10 MB
      • size: at least 1920 х 1080 px

  • Background image or color for other blocks.

  • Developer logo.

  • Color palette. Requirements:
    • 1-2 main colors
    • 2-3 additional colors
    • format: RGB/HEX

After processing the application, your Account Manager will request that you grant Xsolla Account access to your personal account on Twitch. This is necessary to configure all the required parameters.

Setting up a Twitch Drops campaign yourself

If you want to set up a Twitch Drops campaign yourself, use Drops Guide. To implement the distribution of rewards in the configured campaign, send the following parameters to your Account Manager:

  • campaign ID (Client ID)
  • reward name (Reward Name) and its identifiers (Reward ID)

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Last updated: August 8, 2022

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