An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. An individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with.

In the gaming industry, most influencers are video content creators posting game reviews, let’s plays, or live streaming their games.


An affiliate is an individual or company promoting an affiliate program of a game developer. They do so by advertising the game on their website, purchasing traffic, or its arbitrage. In exchange, they charge the developer a commission on every purchase made by the users they bring.

Affiliate network

An affiliate network is an intermediary between the developer and an affiliate. It aggregates the game developer’s affiliate programs and advertising platforms, and gives the former access to an extensive database of affiliates to promote the game. It also ensures proper tracking, calculations, and payouts.

Partner program

A partner (referral) program is a form of business cooperation between a game developer and a collaborator aimed at promoting the game by driving traffic to it. The game developer shares a certain percentage of its revenue with the collaborator for each referral. By acting as an intermediary between the participants, Xsolla lets developers and collaborators use a convenient tool to manage their respective programs.

One project can have an unlimited number of time-based programs. The following program types are supported:

  • For influencers
  • For affiliates/affiliate networks

Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing is the business model behind Xsolla Partner Network. The game developer pays the collaborator a share of the revenue made on each referral.

Revenue sharing features:

  • No upfront cost required to launch the program.
  • The developer chooses the revenue percentage they are willing to share.
  • All calculations and payouts are made by Xsolla.


The Incentive is an extended version of the Revenue sharing business model and a reward in Influencer sponsorship programs. It allows engaging influencers by offering a monetary bonus that is credited to an influencer’s wallet right after they join the program. The amount is blocked until the program’s conditions — such as publishing a YouTube video or a Twitch live stream — are fulfilled by the influencer and approved by the partner. The bonus amount is defined by the partner and withheld from the payable Revenue share.


Premium refers to a premier business model of distributing video games whereby users can only start playing after purchasing the game.


Free-to-play is a business model of distributing video games whereby users can start playing without making a payment. Most free-to-play games monetize via in-game purchases.

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