Gateways allow you to receive payouts directly from payment systems available within the Pay Station interface. You can use this model if you want to receive direct payouts from payment systems of your choice. Under this model, the interface will not change. Xsolla serves only as a Technical Service Provider and takes a reduced Revenue share. That means you receive full-scale Xsolla solutions, but you take on the following:

  • managing tax-related issues
  • signing separate agreements with each payment system
  • retaining direct money flow from the payment systems
  • managing payment system fees, charge-backs and refunds, payout commissions, and operating costs

To have a gateway displayed in the Pay Station interface, you should first configure it in your Publisher Account and sign the agreement.

To set up gateways:

  1. Go to your Publisher Account.
  2. Click Pay Station in the left-hand-side menu and go to Gateways.

  1. Click Configure in the payment system block you want to configure.
  2. Follow the instructions to fill in the fields.

  1. Click Save changes.