How it works

You can fully or partially refund payments made by your users. Note that you can issue more than one partial refund of a charge.

The amount of partner’s payout is calculated taking into account refund operations, which are also displayed in financial reports. For a number of payment methods, it is possible to withhold refund fees. Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to for details.

The refund period depends on the payment method and can be up to 5-10 banking days.

Once issued, a refund cannot be canceled.
Also, the payment method affects the way the money is returned to the user. Xsolla can implement the following refund methods:
  • For the most popular payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon, and credit cards, refunds are automatically made to the user’s payment account.
  • For payment methods that support only manual money transfer to the user, refunds will be processed by the support service managers. These methods include some digital wallets and direct debit transfers.
  • On rare occasions, for payment methods that do not support refunds, such as cash kiosks or mobile payments, alternative refund options are possible. Money can be transferred to PayPal or Xsolla balance.

Full refund


  1. After receiving a refund request, the type of payment system is determined.
  2. Depending on the refund type supported by a payment system, one of the following actions is performed:
    • If the payment system supports automatic refunds, no additional actions are performed.
    • If the payment system supports refunds by manual money transfer only, the payment data is passed to the support service manager.
    • If the payment system supports only alternative refunds to PayPal or Xsolla balance, an email with the possible refund methods is automatically sent to the user.
You can set up a preferable option for refunds made via the payment systems supporting alternative refund methods:
  • returning money to Xsolla balance
  • sending a message to a user asking to specify a preferable refund type – PayPal or Xsolla balance
The second option is set as default for projects. To change this setting, contact your Customer Success Manager or email to
  1. Money is returned to the user. The payments made via payment systems that do not support automatic refunds are refunded with the assistance of the Xsolla customer support manager.
  2. The payment is canceled and the Refund webhook is sent only after the money is transferred back to the user.
  3. User receives an email with refund results.

How to set it up

You can create a full refund request by:

  • using the API call. It is recommended that you provide the user email for each request. It is required only for alternative refunds to PayPal or Xsolla balance in order to contact the user and specify the preferred method of refund. Unfortunately, if the email is not provided in the request and was not specified by the user when making the payment, the refund will be rejected.
  • using Publisher Account (see the instruction below). Note that this option is available only for payments made via payment systems that support automatic refunds.
  • sending a request to the Customer Success Manager or the support team.

To create a refund request via Publisher Account:

  1. Go to your Publisher Account.
  2. Click Support in the main menu.
  3. Find a required transaction.
  4. Click the ••• icon to the right of the transaction to open a menu. Click Refund.

  1. Specify the reason for the refund and click Request refund.

Partial refund


Currently, you can partially refund only payments made using the following payment methods:
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • WeChat
  • Alipay
  • AlipayHK
  • GCash
  • DANA
  • TrueMoney Wallet
  • Rabbit LINE Pay
  • Touch ’n Go
  • Boost

  1. After a refund request is received, the requirements for a partial refund is checked. The request is declined in the following cases:
    • The payment method does not support partial refunds.
    • The total amount of all requested refunds is greater than the original charge amount.
    • The payment is not successful, or transaction status does not allow refunds.
    • The payment amount after partial refund is less than the allowed amount specified by the payment system.
    • The purchase price was discounted.
    • The requested partial refund is for a subscription payment.
    • The requested partial refund is for a payment that was made with a user’s Xsolla balance.
    • The payment was made more than 180 days before the request for a partial refund.

  1. The refunded amount of payment is calculated using the fees and currency exchange rates of the original payment.
  2. The amount that will be deducted from the payment to the merchant is calculated. There are no fees to refund charges, but all fixed fees from the original charge are returned only when the full payment has been canceled. Other fees are calculated in proportion to the payment amount.
  3. A partial refund is displayed in financial reports as a new transaction with the same number as the original payment.
  4. When a user receives the funds, you receive the Partial refund webhook.
If the payment is made in Chinese yuan (CNY) using WeChat, it is converted to US dollars (USD) when processing a refund. This can cause a discrepancy between the amount requested and the refund received.

How to set it up

You can use one of the methods to can create a partial refund request:
  • Call the Request partial refund API call.
  • Send a request to your Customer Success Manager or Xsolla customer support.
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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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