Create order

An order is an item that a user wants to buy in the store. After an order is paid, the user receives the item. To test the payment flow, create an order using the Create order with specified item API call:

  1. If you want to perform a test on the API documentation website, click Try it to open the interface for creating a request.
  2. In the Security block, in the Bearer Token field, enter the token obtained while passing the authentication procedure.
  3. In the Body block, pass order details, e.g., quantity of item quantity. To access sandbox mode, pass "sandbox": true.
  4. In the Parameters block, pass:

To call the Xsolla API, you can use the ready-made SDK methods for game engines and platforms:

In the response, you will receive data you need for further work:

  • token — payment token

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Last updated: February 16, 2023

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