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The scheme shows the flow of selling items to authorized users when using Xsolla Login.

If you plan to sell game keys and their packages, connect the Buy Button product — in this case, you don’t need to set up authorization.

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An act of cybercrime that is related to payments and transactions. Some types of fraud include the unauthorized use of credit or debit data, stealing physical payment cards, making payments via counterfeit credit cards, etc.
Gift cards
Discount cards from certain stores that allow users to buy game content via a widget inside the payment UI. If the purchase amount is less than the card’s face value, the remainder is credited to the user’s Xsolla balance.
Payment system
An agent that has signed an agreement with Xsolla to receive payments from gamers.
Payment method
A specific way of receiving payments supported by the payment system (PID, payment system ID, instance). In the payment interface, it is displayed as a stand-alone button.
An algorithm that orders payment methods according to their relevance to the user. It considers various parameters such as location, payment history, payment amount, etc. It is used when building the lists of popular and all payment methods in Pay Station’s payment UI. PayRank offers you flexibility in how you configure it from your Publisher Account.
Push payment
A payment initiated and made outside the game payment UI via payment systems connected to Xsolla (e.g., from payment terminals, banking applications, or payment services).
An act of giving money back to the payer or an amount of money that is given back. A refund can be claimed for a number of reasons: a fraudulent transaction, a failure that prevents the game from operating, a purchase made by mistake, etc. An investigation procedure (a dispute) precedes the refund.
Xsolla balance
The amount of user’s money that is made up of refunds and change from their purchases. Users can pay for purchases via Xsolla balance.
Xsolla fee
The commission that Xsolla withholds from the payment amount to cover expenses on its services that are provided to the partner.

User flows

Authorized user flow

Unauthorized user flow

Integration flow

To enable Pay Station:

  1. Register an Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Get a token.
  4. Open the payment UI.
  5. Set up webhook handling.

After the integration is complete, test the payment process.

This guide describes the minimum settings required to quick-start the module. In case of any questions, contact your Account Manager.
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Last updated: December 30, 2022

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