Errors list

0004-0001Token expired or incorrect.
0004-0008Wrong URL (trying to access sandbox mode at or live mode at
0002-0004Agreement not signed.
0004-0010Tokenless integration prohibited.
0010-0001Package not found.
0010-0003Package has no DRM configured.
1000-0003No modules turned on for the project.
0004-0003Project ID is not passed.
0004-0009Invalid JSON of access_data.
0003-0001Payment is forbidden for the chosen country.
1000-0002Network error. API response is not received during initialization.
0007-0009Cannot change the subscription plan via the token. The currency of a new subscription plan is different from the one set for the existing plan.
0004-0002Digital signature is incorrect.
0005-0001Error retrieving user data from billing.
1000-0004No data for the status page received.
1000-0001Network error. API does not respond.
1004-0001The subscription plan change is forbidden.
0002-0002Project does not exist.