How can I open Pay Station in an iframe?

We recommend that you use the Pay Station Embed script to open the payment UI in a lightbox. Using this script will allow you to:

  • automatically determine the payment UI size and device type (desktop, mobile)
  • automatically receive events from the payment UI
  • change the UI theme

To open the payment UI in an iframe:

  1. Implement the postMessage mechanism to receive events from the payment UI.
  2. Get a token.

  1. Open the payment UI by following the link https://secure.xsolla.com/paystation4/?token=TOKEN, where TOKEN is the received token.

What Xsolla network IP addresses do I need to add to the allowlist to configure webhooks?

You need to receive and process webhooks from the following IP addresses:


If you integrated the Login product, additionally add processing webhooks from the IP address.

Is there SDK for Node.JS/C#/Ruby/Java/ASP, etc.?

Currently there are SDK for PHP and Android. You can build your own SDK using any language/platform, as long as it has HTTPS request functionality.

User validation

What is User ID?

The user ID is a parameter that enables identifying a user in a game. You can store user IDs in a database. When receiving invalid user IDs, throw an exception. Refer to the GitHub repository for an example of user validation.

What data should I return after validation is completed?

When validation is successful, return HTTP-code 200. In case of an error, code 400 (INVALID_USER).

Project settings

Do I need to create new projects for each environment (QA, staging, production)?

For testing, we recommend that you use separate projects to avoid affecting the production environment.

What is the difference between a secret key, project key, and API key?

A secret key and project key are the same. It is used for the digital signature that is required when processing secure payments. The request’s JSON body is concatenated with this key, and then the result is hashed with SHA-1.

The API key is used for API calls sent to the Xsolla server. This key must be held on your own server and never inside binary files or frontend. For more information about working with API keys, see the API reference.

What is the difference between a webhook URL and return URL?

A webhook URL is the URL address of your webhook server where notifications are sent. A return URL is the URL address where a user is redirected after completing a payment.

Where can I find the project ID?

Open your project in Publisher Account and go to the Project settings > General settings section.

Where can I find the merchant ID?

Open Publisher Account and go to the Company settings > Company section.

The merchant ID is the same as the publisher ID.

Where can I find the API Key?

API key is shown in Publisher Account only once when it is created and must be stored on your side. You can create a key in the following section:

  • Company settings > API keys
  • Project settings > API keys


For more information about working with API keys, see the API reference.

Key recommendations:

  • Save the generated API key on your side. You can view the API key in Publisher Account only once when it is created.
  • Keep your API key a secret. It provides access to your personal account and your projects in Publisher Account.
  • The API key must be stored on your server and never in binaries or on the frontend.

If an API call you need does not contain the project_id path parameter, use the API key that is valid in all the company’s projects to set up authorization.

Webhook settings

Do I need to use HTTPS for a webhook protocol?


Why was Xsolla notification not sent to the webhook URL?

Make sure that your webhook server supports the required types of HTTP requests (POST, GET).

Why are webhooks not sent to my mobile application?

Webhooks are sent to only a single URL address specified in your project settings. Being server-to-server, webhooks cannot be sent to several URL addresses. If you would like to receive notifications in your game, website, or mobile application, set up sending webhooks on your server to pass data between Xsolla and your game.


Can I customize the payment UI theme?

You can enable a dark theme by sending the settings.ui.theme = default_dark parameter in the token. The dark theme allows you to set the background image or change the background color (as it is in the demo). To change other settings, contact your Customer Success Manager or email to csm@xsolla.com.

Can I change the appearance of emails sent to users?

Yes. Follow the instructions on how to customize emails to users. The order of email elements cannot be changed as they are a part of a standard template. This is required according to the licensing agreement with Xsolla, which acts as the legal merchant of records.


Can I use test cards to test the payment process?

Yes, but only when you run your application or Pay Station demo in sandbox mode. Refer to the general list of test cards of different brands and issuing countries.

Can I test the PayPal payment flow in sandbox mode?

Yes. See detailed information in the instruction.

How can I test payment refunds?

You can test refunds via the Request refund API call. Refer to the instruction for more information.

What is the Xsolla Invoice ID and Invoice ID on the webhook testing tab in Publisher Account?

The Xsolla Invoice ID is the transaction ID on Xsolla’s side. For testing, you can use any numeric value.

The Invoice ID is an optional transaction ID in your game. For testing, you can enter any combination of letters and numbers.


How can I validate a payment request received in a webhook?

First, check if a specified user ID exists in your project. Then, return code 200 to validate the payment.

Can I redirect a user to a particular payment method?

When opening the store UI, you can pass the payment method ID in the settings.payment_method parameter. In this case, users are redirected to the selected payment method’s payment form. You can find the list of payment method IDs in Publisher Account in the Pay Station > Payment methods section, or by calling the Get payment methods API method.

Can I automatically redirect a user to a successful/failed payment page after processing a payment, depending on the result?

Yes, you can configure redirect conditions. Refer to the instruction for more information.

Our billing system automatically sets the order_id for each order. Can I use order_id instead of user_id when receiving a token?

No, you need user_id for everything to work correctly.

You can additionally pass the order_id in the external_id parameter. To do so:

  1. Open Publisher Account.
  2. Go to the Pay Station > Settings section.
  3. In the Additional settings block, set the Transaction external ID toggle to On.

Can I override the webhook URL for each transaction?

No, the webhook URL for all transactions is set in the project settings in Publisher Account.

Will I receive the details of failed transactions?

No, Xsolla only sends webhooks for successful transactions. If you received a notification about a payment, it means the transaction was successful.

How can I add VAT to the total payment amount?

VAT settings are configured on Xsolla’s side by default. Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to csm@xsolla.com if you want to change the settings and add VAT to a user’s total payment amount.

What does PID stand for?

PID is the payment method identifier on Xsolla’s side.

What is the External ID?

The External ID is a transaction’s ID in the game that is assigned to an order in your system. On the Xsolla side, External ID is linked to a transaction ID. That is why an enabled External ID allows Xsolla to prevent repeated payment for the same transaction. External ID has to be unique for each user payment.

To enable External ID in your project:

  1. Open your project in Publisher Account and go to the Pay Station > Settings section.
  2. Set the Transaction external ID toggle to On.

Do I need to generate a new External ID for each transaction?

Yes. The External ID has to be unique for each payment.

What value do I need to set for the setExternalPaymentId method?

The setExternalPaymentId method should have the same value as the external_id, if you have one.

What are gateways?

Once you have signed a contract with payment systems, you can use gateways to display these payment options in the payment UI. Players can still pay for their purchases using selected payment methods, and you would receive payouts directly from these payment system providers. To connect gateways, open your project in Publisher Account and go to the Pay Station > Gateways section.

Xsolla serves as a technical service provider and takes a reduced revenue share: 1.25% of the transaction amount + $0.10. You will have full access to all Xsolla solutions, but you must do the following:

  • manage tax-related issues
  • sign separate agreements with each payment system
  • retain direct money flow from payment systems
  • manage payment system fees, chargebacks and refunds, payout commissions, and operating costs

For example, if you work with PayPal and want to set it as a direct payment method, you can connect a gateway. The payment UI will not change — the changes will affect only the payout process. After processing a payment, a player’s money will be transferred to your PayPal account. In this case, Xsolla is not involved in the payout process.

How can I migrate user data (saved payment accounts, subscriptions, etc.) to Xsolla?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to csm@xsolla.com. Make sure you use PGP encryption to provide data security.

Xsolla PGP key parameters:

  • Key ID: FBA38225
  • Key type: RSA
  • Key Length: 4096
  • Fingerprint: 4D63 4B67 B265 5464 D39D 7228 67B0 672A FBA3 8225
  • User ID: admins@xsolla.com

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Error messages

Refer to the documentation for more information about possible errors while opening the payment UI.

What should I do when I get the 0004-0008 error?

Check if you use the correct URL address:

What should I do when I get the 2205 or 2207 errors (user ID error)?

  • Pass a valid user ID which is user_id from your database.
  • Recommendations regarding webhook usage:
    • If you don’t want to use webhooks, make sure they are disabled in your project. To do that, go to Publisher Account, and in the Project settings > Webhooks section, set the toggle to Off.
    • If you want to use webhooks, implement successful processing of the User validation webhook.

What should I do when I get the 1000-0003 error?

Activate the respective module for your project.

What should I do when I get the 0002-0004 error?

Sign the licensing agreement with Xsolla to receive your payouts. If you need assistance, contact your Customer Success Manager or email onboarding@xsolla.com.

What should I do when I get the 3032 error?

Send information about payment tokens with errors or user IDs and project IDs to the integration team through any of the available communication channels.
You can find the payment token in the URL address of the opened payment UI. If the payment UI is opened in an iframe, right-click the iframe and select an option that allows you to view the iframe’s source from the drop-down list.

Why is the Authorization header missing from the webhook request?

To fix this error, you need to edit the .htaccess or httpd.conf Apache files. Refer to the SDK documentation for more information.

Contact information

If you haven’t found an answer to your questions in the FAQs, contact us via other channels:
  • Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner and contact the integration team via a messenger. You will get an answer that resolves your problem in real time.
  • Email at integration@xsolla.com.
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to csm@xsolla.com.
  • Contact integration specialist via Basecamp.
Customer Service integration guide (PDF)
Learn about the options to integrate with our Customer Service Team.
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