Create project

One project corresponds to one platform. If you have several platforms, add a project for each platform.
  1. Sign up to Publisher Account.
  2. In the side menu, click the + icon.
  1. Leave No as the answer to the Do you have a game page on any platform? question, and then do the following:
    1. In the Link to your game field, add a link to the merchant platform.
    2. Enter your project name in English.
    3. If other fields are not applicable to your project, you can leave them empty.
After you create the project, you can add additional languages and localized project names in Project settings.

  1. Click Create project.
  2. In the side menu, choose Payouts and click Send request.

Once your project passes validation on the Xsolla side, your Customer Success Manager will contact you.

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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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