Services and applications

Apps are services that allow you to more effectively promote the site and track user actions on the site. To learn about all the services:

  1. Open your project in Publisher Account.
  2. Click Configure in the pane for your site.
  3. In the Site settings, go to the Apps section.


Xsolla complies with international data protection standards. When integrating third-party analytics services, not all user data may be collected due to GDPR and CCPA regulations.

To lawfully collect data, user consent must be obtained. Users can review data collection terms in the cookie banner. Depending on the user’s region and legislative restrictions, data is collected in one of the following cases:

  • The user has agreed to tracking and accepted all cookie files.
  • The user has not opted out of tracking.

Also, analytics collection can be influenced by:

  • Ad blockers can block analytical systems and hinder tracking.
  • Browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Brave may block third-party cookie files or restrict tracking by default.

Google Tag Manager

The tag management system facilitates collective measurement code and related code fragment updates on your website or mobile app. With it you can track user actions with custom events, triggers, and tags.

Google Analytics

This service helps you to collect detailed statistics of users from your website. With it you can track user actions on your website and create event funnels.

Meta Pixel (Facebook pixel)

A code snippet that is posted on Site Builder. Allows you to track advertising effectiveness on Facebook and get more information about user actions.

Twitter Pixel

Use this extension to ensure information is formatted correctly and that Twitter tags are properly placed on your website. It also tracks dynamic parameter values transmitted to the site tag.

Google Ads

An online advertising service that helps you to advertise your site on Google search results.

Facebook Ads

Website promotion tool. With it you can browse your campaigns, create ad groups and ads on Facebook, change ads, and track their effectiveness.

Game magazines

A set of game magazines in the form of links. Increases user traffic to your site and makes your game more popular. You can post your content independently or contact the editor.

Xsolla Partner Network

A tool for creating game promotion programs through influencers, affiliates, and game portals. You can create flexible programs and effectively manage them through a single interface.

Google Merchant Center

Platform that allows you to save information about items and use it for website promotion through Google Shopping.

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Last updated: June 17, 2024

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