How to promote your site with Google Merchant Center

How it works

Google Merchant Center is one of the Google for retail tools, which allows you to create product feeds for your site and set up advertising campaigns for these feeds. With this tool, you can improve the ranking of your site in the Google search engine, increase organic traffic to it, and improve monetization of your game.

Who can use it

Promotions with Google Merchant Center is for partners:

  • Who have already connected Site Builder and sell game keys on their site.
  • Who plans to set up advertising campaigns.

How to get it

To set up promoting your site with Google Merchant Center:

  1. Open the table with the product data in Publisher Account.
  2. Sign up to Google Merchant Center.
  3. Confirm the URL address of your site.
  4. Create a feed with the product data.
  5. Launch an advertising campaign in Google.

Opening the table with the product data

  1. Open your project in Publisher Account.
  2. In the side bar click Site Builder.
  3. In the pane of your site click Configure.
  4. Select Google Merchant Center from the Apps section and click Get list of items.

The table is created based on the product data from your site and loaded automatically into the project.

URL address confirmation

To start promoting your site, you need to confirm the ownership of the URL address of your site. To confirm it, click Fix it in the warning box.

Specify the URL address of your site in the Site tab and select one of the confirmation tools:

Creating a feed

  1. Go to Google Merchant Center and open the Products tab.

  1. In the Multiple products block, click Create product feed.

  1. On the first step, specify the country of sale and content language in the feed.

If you want to set up product selling in several countries, click the Add button and specify an additional country of sale.

  1. On the second step, specify the feed name and select Google Sheets as the source of the product data.

  1. On the third step, click Select an existing Google spreadsheet.

The table with the product data must be opened first in Publisher Account. Otherwise, it will not appear in the list of existing documents.

  1. Click Create feed.

The created feed will appear on the Products tab during the day.

Launching an advertising campaign

To set up an advertising campaign for the created feed, go to Growth > Manage programs and select a promotional tool. To learn how the tool works, click Get started/Complete interest form in the tool card.

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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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