How to connect a store to your site

How it works

To improve game monetization and attract more gamers, you can create a site with a store or connect a store to an already created site. You can sell game keys, virtual items and virtual currencies via a store.

Connecting and setting up a store described in the recipe is related to the sites created with Xsolla Site Builder. If you want to connect a store on your own site, use the instruction for creating a store.

User flow

  1. The gamer goes to the game’s site and navigates to the store section.

  1. The gamer selects goods to buy. The purchase payment process depends on:

Purchase of different quantity of goods

To buy a single product, the gamer clicks Buy Now and pays for the purchase in the payment UI.

To buy multiple goods, the gamer clicks the cart icon and adds the product to a shopping cart. After selecting all the goods, the gamer goes to the shopping cart, clicks Go to checkout and pays for the purchase in the payment UI.

Purchase of different types of goods

To buy game keys, the gamer needs to enter their email in the shopping cart window.

To buy a virtual item or a virtual currency, the gamer needs to log in to the site. After the user is logged in, the system can start the payment process or charge virtual currency to the user balance and subtract from it depending on the type of currency for which the product is sold.

Virtual items that are priced in virtual currency cannot be added to the shopping cart. After clicking the Buy Now button, money is subtracted from the user balance automatically.

How to get it


  1. Sign up and create your Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Go to Xsolla Site Builder and create a site with one of the templates.

Before creating a site, make sure that the Integrate Commerce API toggle in your Publisher Account project in Project Settings > Integration settings is set to On. When you create a site with the Store template, your project is switched to a new account type automatically.

Integration flow

To connect the store to your site:

  1. Set up store modules in Publisher Account.
  2. Add a store section to the site.
  3. Set up the type of goods in the Store block.

Store modules setting

To set up store modules in Publisher Account:

  1. Open your project and click Connect in the Store block.

  1. Click Connect next to the section with the type of goods you want to sell on the site:

Adding store section to the site

If you created the site with the Store template, the store section is added to the site automatically.

To add the store section to your site:

  1. Go to Site Builder and click Open Site Builder next to your site section.

  1. Click + Add block in the site template.

  1. Select Store in the blocks list.

If your project is not configured for a new account type, the Store block is not displayed in the list.

Types of goods setting

To set up the type of goods:

  1. Go to Site Builder and click Open Site Builder next to your site section.

  1. Open the Store block in the settings menu.

  1. Select the type of goods you want to sell on the site and their group in the drop-down list.

If the list of goods is empty or you want to create a new product, click the create button or the Set up purchases link at the bottom of the section.

To sell different types of goods in the different areas of the site, create multiple store sections: click Add store section in the Store block menu.

  1. Customize the section heading (optionally). To do this, click the Store heading in the site template and edit its text and style.


Watch the tutorial videos for this instruction:

  • How to set up an online store for your virtual goods

  • How to launch direct game sales with Xsolla

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