How to create site with top-up page template

How it works

Top-up is a solution that makes it easy to sell in-game goods on your game’s site. The user can make purchases after authorization on the site, which is completed with their ID from the game. Additional user verification with standard authorization methods (via email and password, phone number or social network) is not required. The solution allows you to exclude the commission of mobile platforms for transactions within the game.

If you want to completely exclude selling goods within the game, instead of creating an in-game store, place a link to a site with the implemented top-up solution to the game, and additionally promote it using advertising in various services.

User flow

  1. The user goes to the site where the top-up solution is implemented.
  2. The user enters their ID from the game in a special field.
  3. The user chooses goods and proceeds to the payment step.
  4. The user chooses a payment method and pays for the goods.

After the user has chosen a payment method, Xsolla sends a validation webhook to verify the user ID is valid. If the validation is passed, the user can proceed with the payment. Otherwise, the user receives an error message. If the payment is successful, Xsolla sends you a webhook about the successful payment.

  1. The user sees the purchased goods in their account in the game.

How to get it

  1. In your Publisher Account, go to Site Builder and click Create a site.

  1. Choose a Top-up page template.

By default, Header, Top-up, Store and Footer blocks are added to this template.

  1. If necessary, you can add additional blocks using the corresponding button in Builder.

  1. In the left menu, edit the content for each added block, select a global theme and configure SEO and language settings. In Builder, you can load images and videos into blocks and edit texts that will be shown to users.

  1. To add goods to a specific account in the game, go to Publisher Account > Project settings > Webhooks and set a validation webhook and a webhook for the successful payment.

  1. Click Publish.

If site publication is not available, make sure you have met all the required conditions:
  • There are no empty sections in Builder (marked with a red dot).
  • The Licensing Agreement with Xsolla has been signed.

  1. Make changes to the domain (optionally). To do this, go to Site Builder and click Configure. In the Domain section, edit the Xsolla domain name or use your own domain.

  1. Set up automatic adding of purchased goods to the user's account in the game. You must do this every time after a webhook is received for a successful payment.

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