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Integration flow

To integrate Site Builder:

  1. Sign up to Publisher Account.
  2. Configure a Publisher Account project. The first project is automatically created after you sign up for an account.
  3. Configure items you want to sell on your site:
  4. Create and publish your site.

User flow

  1. The user opens the site.
  2. The user chooses items:
    • preorders
    • game keys and platforms on which games is released
    • virtual items
    • virtual currency
    • bundles
    • subscriptions
  • By default, the user can add any individual items, except subscriptions, to the shopping cart. If you want to sell items as a single unit only, you need to create a bundle.
  • If items selling is not implemented on your site but on a separate service, to make a purchase, the user follows the link to this service and takes all further actions outside your site. In this case, Xsolla is not responsible for further user actions, doesn’t guarantee the final cost of the items and the amount of your revenue, and doesn’t provide sales analytics.
Items’ representation on the site depends on the template selected in the builder. Learn more about site templates in the Creating a site section.
  1. The user pays for the selected items.
  2. The user receives an email with the purchase details.
  3. The user gets access to the paid items and can start using it.
  • If the user has chosen a subscription for purchase, they get access to the content immediately after activating the subscription and can renew it with the frequency specified by the subscription terms.
  • If the user has chosen a preorder for purchase, they can start using items from the preorder after its official release only.
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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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