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To improve game monetization and attract more gamers, you can create a site with a store or connect a store to an already created site. You can sell game keys, virtual items, and virtual currencies via the store.

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These instructions are intended for sites created with Site Builder. If you want to connect a store on your own site, use the instructions for creating a store.

Adding store section to site

If you created the site with the Store template, the store section is added to the site automatically.

To add the store section to your site:

  1. Go to Site Builder and click Open Site Builder next to your site section.

  1. Click + Add block in the site template.

  1. Select Store in the blocks list.

Item types setting

To set up the item type:

  1. Go to Site Builder and click Open Site Builder next to your site section.

  1. Open the Store block in the settings menu.

  1. Select the item type you want to sell on the site and their group in the drop-down list.

If the items list is empty or you want to create a new item, click the create button or the Set up purchases link at the bottom of the section.

To sell different item types in the different areas of the site, create multiple store sections. Click Add store section in the Store block menu.

  1. Customize the section heading (optional). To do this, click the Store heading in the site template and edit its text and style.


Watch the tutorial videos for this instruction:

  • How to set up an online store for your virtual items

  • How to launch direct game sales with Xsolla

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Last updated: November 2, 2022

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