How to change the charge amount for an active subscription

To change the charge amount of an active subscription, run an HTTP-PATCH request​/api/v1/projects/{projectId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/price.


After changing the charge amount, the user is notified by email, and the new amount takes effect from the next billing period.

To change the charge amount for new subscriptions, use the Update Plan method. The new amount only applies to new subscriptions, and all existing subscriptions will continue under the old terms.

The request must contain an Authorization: Basic <your_authorization_basic_key> header, where <your_authorization_basic_key> is the merchant_id:api_key pair encoded according to the Base64 standard.

Go to Publisher Account to find these parameters:

  • merchant_id is shown:
    • In the Project settings > Webhooks section.
    • In the Company settings > Company section.
    • In the URL of the browser’s address bar on any Publisher Account page. The URL has the following format:;lt;merchant ID>/<Publisher Account section>.
  • api_key is shown in Publisher Account only once when it is created and must be stored on your side. You can create a new key in the following section:
    • Company settings > API keys
    • Project settings > API keys

Pass as path parameters:

integerRequired. Project ID. You can find this parameter in your Publisher Account next to the name of the project.
integerRequired. Subscription ID.
Pass in the request body:
floatRequired. Charge amount value.
stringRequired. Three-letter currency code per ISO 4217.
Request example:
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'​/api/v1/projects/{project_id}/subscriptions/{subscription_id}/price' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic'

  "amount": 4.99,
  "currency": "USD"

Response examples:

  • 200 — Charge amount is changed successfully
  • 400 — Subscription is not active
  • 404 — Subscription is not found
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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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