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Subscription plan
Subscription plan — billing conditions (billing amount, currency, and frequency) in terms of which a user gets their access to the service.
Subscription-based product
Subscription-based product — a service or a set of services provided to a user when they purchase the subscription.

Subscription — a combination of the product and the chosen plan. A user gets the subscription when they choose the subscription plan and receive access to the service. The number of subscriptions a user can get at the same time depends on the number of products in the project.


Product: Access to the game

  • Subscription plan Silver: $10 per 1 month
  • Subscription plan Gold: $100 per 1 year

A user can select one of the following subscriptions:

  • Subscription 1: Access to the game with the $10/month plan
  • Subscription 2: Access to the game with the $100/year plan


Product 1: Access to the game1

Product 2: Access to the game2

  • Subscription plan: $10 per 1 month

A user can get two subscriptions simultaneously:

  • Subscription 1: Access to the game1 with the $10/month plan
  • Subscription 2: Access to the game2 with the $10/month plan

If the subscription-based product is not set up, the user can get only one subscription at a time. To get several subscriptions simultaneously, you need to set up products.
Grace period
A grace period is the period of time that defines the length of time the user can access the game after the subscription expires. Features:
  • A grace period is supported only by subscriptions with the one-time payment type. Payment for auto-renewing subscriptions is processed automatically.
  • You can change the length of the grace period in Publisher Account.
  • The system sends payment reminders every day until the user pays for the subscription or the grace period ends.
  • The user pays the full subscription price. The number of days the user spends in the grace period is removed from the main billing period, as these days are included in the main subscription.
  • If the value in the Grace period field in the plan settings is 0, the plan has no grace period.
Number of billing retries
Number of billing retries is a value that defines the number of attempts to withdraw money for the subscription. It’s supported only by the auto-renewing subscriptions with a saved payment account and is activated after the failed money withdrawal. Features:
  • The system tries to withdraw money from the payment account once a day.
  • The system will try to withdraw money until the subscription is renewed, canceled by a user, or canceled after the number of billing retries exceeds.
  • If this setting is active, the user will have access to the subscription until the number of billing retries exceeds.
  • If the subscription is renewed by a user, the number of days the system has spent on the billing attempts (one day per attempt) is removed from the main billing period, as these days are included in the main subscription.

Subscription statuses

A subscription can have one of the following statuses:

  • Active. Primary status. The subscription is created and activated after the first successful payment. Further charges are only possible for active subscriptions.

You cannot create a subscription manually using the API — this can only be done automatically upon making a purchase.

  • Canceled. The subscription has been canceled with immediate effect due to one of the following reasons:
    • Status changed via an API method or from the Xsolla Publisher Account.
    • Canceled by the user.
    • Expired, if an expiration date was set in the parameters.
    • Maximum number of charging attempts exceeded. This is three by default; please contact your Account Manager to change it.
    • User not found in the game.
    • User account deleted.

When a subscription is canceled, the last payment can be refunded. This option is available for both the partner and the user.

  • Non renewing. Subscription renewal canceled. The subscription will last until the current billing cycle ends before the status changes to Canceled. A renewal can be canceled due to one of the following reasons:
    • Status changed via an API method or from Publisher Account.
    • Canceled by user via email link.
    • User account deleted.

User flow

Integration flow

To integrate Subscriptions:

  1. Register an Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Set up a plan.
  3. Set up webhooks.
  4. Get a token.
  5. Configure the UI opening flow.
  6. Set up products.

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