Cómo pasarse a un recurso de Game Commerce desde otros recursos de Xsolla

Login & Account System and Cross-Buy assets will be deprecated in April 2022. You can continue to use them, but they will not be updated and supplemented with new features. It is recommended to switch to the Game Commerce asset. It contains all the classes and methods needed to work with Xsolla products.

You can replace the Login & Account System or Cross-Buy asset with Game Commerce in the following ways:

Paquete de importación

  1. Download the asset.
  2. Unzip the package.
  3. In the Unity editor, go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package in the main menu and select the asset.
  4. In the dependency warning window, click Install/Upgrade. As a result, the Import Unity Package window will open with a list of files checked and ready for installation. The list will indicate which files remain unchanged, which will be added, and which will be replaced.
  5. Click Import.

Sustituir archivos de recursos

  1. Download the asset.
  2. Copy the asset to the Assets/Xsolla folder of your project with file replacement. When copying without replacing the files, the work of the demo scene may be disrupted.
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