Establecer el proyecto UE4

  1. Open your UE4 project in Unreal Editor.
  2. For Blueprint projects only:
    1. Compile your UE4 project.
    2. Go to the Content Browser and add a New C++ Class with the None parent node.
  3. Go to Settings > Plugins > Installed > Xsolla Login SDK. Check the Enabled box and click the Restart Now button to save settings and reload the Unreal Editor.
  1. Go to Settings > Project Settings > Plugins > Xsolla Login and specify the following parameters:
    1. In the Login ID and Demo Login ID fields, specify the Login ID from Publisher Account.
    2. In the Project ID and Demo Project ID fields, specify the Project ID from Publisher Account.
    3. Enable Use OAuth 2.0 option.
    4. In the Client ID field, specify Client ID received when setting up OAuth 2.0 in Publisher Account.

As a result, your project in Publisher Account will be connected to demo maps.

  1. Go to Content Browser > View Options and check the boxes for Show Engine Content and Show Plugin Content.
  1. Go to Content Browser > Xsolla Content > Maps and launch the Demo_Store map of the game. Make sure that the authorization and other functions are working correctly.
  2. Design an interface for the login system and other pages for your application.
You can create your own solution by following UMG UI documentation, or use the demo scene as a template. To adapt the demo scene interface to your application, use the UI builder.
  1. Set up event handling according to your application logic using SDK methods. Follow the step-by-step tutorials to get started with basic SDK features.
To modify the SDK for your application specifics, follow the SDK modification instruction.
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