Q. What browsers do Xsolla Payment UI and Publisher Account support?

A. Here is the list of supported browsers:

  1. Google Chrome 49 and above
  2. Mozilla Firefox 45 and above
  3. Opera 36 and above
  4. Internet Explorer 11
  5. Microsoft Edge 12 and above
  6. Safari 9 and above
  7. Android Browser 49 and above

Q. What are the Xsolla network IP addresses that I need to whitelist?

A. You should accept the webhooks from the following IP addresses:,,,

Q. When I open the Payment UI (PayStation), I'm getting an error Error code: 0004-0008. What does it mean?

A. It means that in JSON for token you're sending "mode": "sandbox", but didn't add the sandbox: true parameter while initiating the Xsolla PayStation Widget. You need either remove the Sandbox mode from JSON (if you want to process the real payments), or add Sandbox in widget parameters (if you want to make a test payments without spending real money). Please check the documentation.

Q. I want to integrate PayStation into iframe. What is the best way to do that?

A. We highly recommend to open the Paystation in the lightbox with the help of Xsolla PayStation Widget. If you still want to open PayStation in the iframe, please use the link https://secure.xsolla.com/paystation2/?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN. Replace the ACCESS_TOKEN with the real token, received using Documentation.

We have three sizes of PayStation:

  • large (default size), if the width of your iframe is from 670px to 850px
  • medium, if the width is from 590px to 740px
  • small, if the width is from 510px to 630px

Please make sure that you choose the most suitable size of PayStation. If the width of an iframe is too big, then the interface won't take up the entire area. If the width of an iframe is too small, some functionality may be hidden from the user.