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SDK pour Unity destinés aux entreprises

Informations générales

The demo project represents one of the possible logics for the login system, inventory, and in-game store based on Xsolla products (Login, In-Game Store, and Pay Station). The demo uses the preset project in Publisher Account with a fully configured in-game store.

You can use the demo project in two ways:

  • As an example.
  • As an initial version of the login system, inventory, and in-game store. You can get an instant result and expand the demo features if needed.

To try the demo, open WebGL or open a demo project in Unity Editor and launch the Xsollus scene from the Assets\Xsolla.Demo\Common\Scene directory.

The demo project covers the following user scenarios:

  • Classic login via a username/email and password
  • Social login (not supported for WebGL)
  • Passwordless login via a one-time code or a link sent in the SMS or email
  • Purchase for real or virtual currency
  • Purchase in one click or via the shopping cart
  • Consuming items from the player inventory

The demo project operates in a sandbox mode by default. To test the purchase process, use test cards. Sandbox mode only simulates the behavior of a payment method, no real money is involved. You can try out sandbox mode without signing any agreements with Xsolla or paying any fees.

The demo also shows the following user management features:

  • User account management
  • User attributes customization

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