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Erro ao chamar o método de autenticação

Descrição do problema

The issue appears when you call user authentication method from the code, or when starting the application and trying to authenticate the user. When this occurs, the following error message is displayed:

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    Request is missing required parameter, includes invalid parameter value, includes parameter more than once, or is malformed.

    The problem occurs in the following cases:

    • The user redirect URI is not specified in Publisher Account.
    • There are different user redirect URIs in Publisher Account and in the SDK settings.

    Issue status: Can’t be fixed on the SDK side.


    To set up the new OAuth 2.0 client, follow the instructions.

    To specify or change the redirect URI for an already configured OAuth 2.0 client:

    1. Open your project in Publisher Account and go to the Login section.
    2. Click Configure in the pane of a Login project.
    3. On the navigation page, go to the Security block and select the OAuth 2.0 section.
    4. Click on the pencil icon in the line of the required OAuth 2.0 client.
    5. Specify OAuth 2.0 redirect URIs (a path in the application the user is redirected to after successful authentication, email confirmation, or password reset). You can specify multiple valid URIs.

    To redirect users to a mobile application, the URI must match one of the following schemes:

    The URI must match the value specified in the SDK settings (Window > Xsolla > Edit Settings > Inspector) in the Callback URL field. If the Callback URL field is empty, app://xlogin.<APP_ID> is used for redirection, where <APP_ID> is the application ID from Edit > Project Settings > Player > Android (iOS) > Other Settings > Bundle Identifier. The same value must be added in Publisher Account in the Login > your Login project > Security > OAuth 2.0 section.

    1. Click Save changes.
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