Como mudar para o plug-in Game Commerce de outros plug-ins Xsolla

Login & Account System and Cross-Buy plug-ins will be deprecated in March 2022. You can continue to use them, but they will not be updated and supplemented with new features. It is recommended to switch to the Game Commerce plug-in. It contains all the classes and methods needed to work with Xsolla products.

To replace the Login & Account System or Cross-Buy plug-in with Game Commerce, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Login and Account System or Cross-Buy plug-in from the project in one of the following ways:
    1. If you installed the plug-in from GitHub, remove the plug-in folder from the \/Plugins directory, where \ is the path to your UE4 project.
    2. If you installed the plug-in from Unreal Engine Marketplace:
      1. Run Epic Game Launcher.
      2. Go to the Unreal Engine > Library section.
      3. Select the engine version you are using in your project.
      4. Click Installed Plugins.
      5. In the window that opens, select the Login & Account System or Cross-Buy plug-in and click Remove.
  1. Download the Game Commerce plug-in from Unreal Engine Marketplace or GitHub and install it.
  2. If you used plug-in assets in your project (widgets, graphics, interface builder, and other blueprints), add objects for dependency redirection (redirectors) to your project:
    1. Download the DefaultXsolla.ini file.
    2. Place the file in the Config directory of your project.
    3. Delete the folders with temporary files and restart the project.
After resaving the blueprints that refer to the assets of the removed plug-in, you can delete the DefaultXsolla.ini file.
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