Integration with PlayFab

How It Works

PlayFab is a server-based platform for game developers that allows you to implement your game economy without coding. You can integrate PlayFab to provide a server side for your project and receive notifications after every successful purchase of your products via the Store API.

Main features:

  • Complex server-based solution for releasing your games.
  • Support for many gaming platforms.
  • Deep analytics for tracking user behaviour.

Who Can Use It

  • Partners who integrated PlayFab and now want to increase their virtual goods (virtual currency and virtual items) distribution area via Buy Button or In-Game Store.
  • Partners who integrated the Buy Button solution or Player Inventory and now want to export user inventories to PlayFab.

How to Get It

If you have not configured PlayFab yet, do the following:

  1. Create your PlayFab account.
  2. Create your game.
  3. Get your unique game Title ID.
  4. Get your PlayFab Secret Key.

A purchased item is granted by passing the user PlayFab ID in the authentication token when sending a request to the Store API. To ensure successful configuration of interaction with PlayFab, you should:

  1. Implement the Store API methods.
  2. Send your project’s Title ID and a PlayFab Secret Key, that you received before, to your Account Manager.
  3. Specify the PlayFab ID in a token in one of the following ways:
    1. Integrate Xsolla Login with PlayFab.
    2. Generate a token with the user.playfab_id parameter.

To implement refund notifications, contact your Account Manager.