Pre-orders (old account type)

How It Works

Pre-orders allow to purchase a game before official release. A user receives a receipt on email after purchasing a pre-order before the release date. After the release date a user gets access to a game: a game key, a distribution link or both (depends on Publisher Account settings).

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Buy Button integrated and the Game Keys module enabled.

How to Get It

  1. Choose a package or create a new one in the Game Keys section of Publisher Account.
  2. Enable Pre-orders in the Basic settings section.
  3. Choose a release date. You could specify a quarter or exact date (month, day, year, hour and timezone).
  4. Upload game keys or a distribution package before the release date. You could upload both, in this case a user will receive a game kay and a distribution link simultaneously.
  5. If you wish to distribute a game on a release date by yourself, tick The distribution of keys or the download of the distribution is performed on the partner’s side checkbox.

Email Delivery Features

Displaying the release date in the receipt email depends on the date of pre-order purchase:

  • Before the release - the date is displayed in accordance with the Publisher Account setting.
  • After the release - no date is displayed.

Info: The release date and the distribution link/game key are also displayed on the status page in the payment interface.

Distribution of the email with access to the game automatically starts on the release day. A prerequisite: the keys/distribution are uploaded and the exact date is specified in Publisher Account.

  • If the keys/distribution are not uploaded, pre-order remains available for purchase even after the release date. If the keys/distribution are uploaded after the release date, the distribution starts automatically. The button on the widget changes from Pre-order to Buy.
  • If the exact date is not specified, pre-order also remains available for purchase. The distribution will start on the day of release after the date is specified.

Features of automatic distribution:

  • If 90% of the uploaded keys are sent, you will receive an email with a warning. Mailing is suspended until additional keys are uploaded.
  • If there are keys left after sending pre-orders, the button on the widget changes from Pre-order to Buy. After purchase, the user immediately receives an email with access to the game.
  • If additional keys have run out, the sale of keys is terminated. The button on the widget changes to Sold out.

Features and Limitations of Pre-orders

  • You can configure upgrades for pre-orders.
  • You can add bonus keys to the emails. To do this, in the CSV or TXT file specify the main key and bonus key in one line. Example:
    • MAIN-KEY-111 BONUS-KEY-111
    • MAIN-KEY-222 BONUS-KEY-222
  • You can configure the Gift for a friend feature for pre-orders. In this case, the giver receives a email receipt, and the recipient gets a email with the release date. After the release, the recipient gets the distribution link/game key.
  • Regional sales restrictions are not provided for pre-orders. You can configure them on your side.
  • You can test the purchase of pre-orders and not use the actual keys you uploaded to Publisher Account. Set up a sandbox mode and enter the date on which you want to perform the test in the Exact date field. When checking the purchase process, you will receive an email with an automatically generated test key.