How It Works

You can place banners into the Launcher main window to highlight news, increase the sales of virtual items, or share a new video with your users. The following types of banners can be used:

  • Image — a banner with an image. This type of banners doesn't have a link.
  • News article — a banner that leads to a news article.
  • External link — a banner that leads to an external resource. If YouTube video link is used, the banner window allows to play the video.
  • Sell virtual items — a banner that leads to a virtual item purchase.
  • Sell game — a banner that leads to a game purchase.

You can create, edit, or delete banner content in your Publisher Account.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have already integrated Launcher.

How to Get It

You can arrange your banners into groups. After you finish setting up banner groups, banners of different groups will be placed next to each other in Launcher, while banners of the same group will be displaced in a slider. You can set this option by clicking Banner Groups in the upper right corner of the Banner section in Publisher Account.

Multiple banners placed within a group need to be of identical shape and size. There are two options for setting banner shapes:

  • Square 224 x 224 px
  • Rectangle 380 x 224 px

If your original image has a different size, it will be scaled uniformly to fill and, if necessary, cropped. Supported formats: PNG, JPG.