Binary Patching

How It Works

Binary patching means only downloading changed parts of game files. This enables:

  • smaller downloads,
  • faster game delivery and updates,
  • faster update unpacking.

Patches are generated by the Build Loader command-line utility.

Build Loader system requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit OS
  • 1.6 GHz CPU
  • 100 MB free RAM
  • Free disk space: 1.5 × build size

Who Can Use It

Partners who have already integrated Launcher.

How to Get It

To generate and upload a patch:

  1. Initialize Build Loader.
  2. Upload the patch to the Xsolla update server.

Initializing Build Loader

To initialize the utility, you need to pass the previously copied API key and the path to the game build:

> build_loader.exe --init --api-key <api-key> --game-path <path-to-game>


> build_loader.exe --init --api-key E51DPZ486S9IUGVF43AH4T48QB7246OQ --game-path C:\Games\LastGameBuild

Note: You only need to initialize the utility once, unless you want to change said parameters.

Uploading Patch to the Server

To upload a patch to the server, indicate the build path:

> build_loader.exe --update --game-path <path-to-game>


> build_loader.exe --update --game-path C:\Games\LastGameBuild

You can omit the --game-path parameter if you have already used it when initializing the utility or uploading the previous patch.