Deep Linking

How It Works

Deep Linking allows users to:

  • Open specific Launcher sections from the browser or third-party apps,
  • Open specific news from a banner inside Launcher.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have already integrated Launcher.

How to Get It

To let users open Launcher from the browser or a third-party app, place one of the following links on an external resource, in the href attribute:

  • x<launcher_project_id>:--link--game_window — open the first game from the Game section,
  • x<launcher_project_id>:--link--news_window — open the News.

Where <launcher_project_id> — Launcher ID shown in your Publisher Account.

Example: <a href="x685c8af4-3359-466c-8c3a-1e0e06b5ad32:--link--game_window">Launch Cool Game</a>

To configure the transitions between different Launcher sections:

  1. Open Banners settings in your Publisher Account.
  2. Set banner Type to News article.
  3. In the News article field, choose the news to redirect the user to.