PlayFab User Authentication

How It Works

You can use the PlayFab service for user authentication in Launcher. It allows to connect Launcher to an existing solution for user authentication as an alternative to Xsolla Login.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have already integrated Launcher and set up the PlayFab service.

How to Get It

To enable PlayFab for user authentication:

  1. Send a request to your Account Manager.
  2. In config.json file add / fill in the following objects:
    • playfab_project_id: PlayFab project identifier.
    • use_playfab_login: 'true' to enable authentication via PlayFab.
    • playfab_link_restore_pass: a link to the password change page. If you don't specify any value, the password change will be unavailable.
    • playfab_link_create_account: a link to the account creation page. If you don't specify any value, account creation will be unavailable.
    • use_playfab_id_in_store: 'true' to set the user ID from the PlayFab database as user ID in the in-game store. 'false' to set the user ID from the Xsolla database. Default is 'false'.

Notice: It is recommended to change the value of the use_playfab_id_in_store object only if your Launcher has no users.


  "playfab_project_id": "FB8D",
  "use_playfab_login": true,
  "playfab_link_restore_pass": "",
  "playfab_link_create_account": "",
  "use_playfab_id_in_store": false

To set up the user authentication interface use UIStyle.json objects.