Purchasing Game via Launcher

How It Works

Starting from version, Xsolla Launcher supports seamless game buying experience. Clicking the Buy button in Launcher opens a window for game key purchasing. Game key is automatically redeemed upon payment, and players can proceed to downloading the game.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Launcher and Store integrated and game keys uploaded.

How to Get It

To enable game key purchasing via Launcher:

  1. Go to the game keys package in your Publisher Account and copy its SKU.
  2. Go to your project in Launcher settings:
    1. Turn on the Enable quick-buy module;
    2. Enter action_open_key_auto_redeem:{SKU} in the Store URL field and replace {SKU} by your real SKU.

Note: If you cannot specify the Store URL, contact your Account Manager providing your project ID and game keys SKU.