Updating Launcher

How It Works

Launcher can automatically deliver updates to users. To make it happen, download and customize updated data and then upload the Launcher build in your Publisher Account.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have already integrated Launcher.

How to Get It

Launcher updates are delivered via a remote GitHub repository that has the following folders:

  • launcher/win — Launcher;
  • portables/win — 7zip archiver and a utility that creates the installer (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System);
  • scripts/win — scripts to generate the archive and installer.

The scripts/win/deploy.bat script generates:

  • a Launcher installer that you can send to new users,
  • an archive including the Launcher build used to deliver updates to users.

To get Launcher updates:

  1. Download updates from the remote repository.
  2. Customize the updated Launcher part if needed.
  3. Launch deploy.bat by
    • double-clicking the script file - this will place the build in the cloned project folder > target subfolder,
    • from the command line prompt, using an additional --out <directory> key, where <directory> is your desired build installation path.
    Example: call deploy.bat --out C:/Target.
  4. Upload the Launcher build archive to your Publisher Account so that updates are automatically delivered to users.