Web and Flash Games Distribution

How It Works

You can launch and distribute web and Flash games via Xsolla Launcher. Games are opened in a separate window in the WebView mode based on the Chromium browser and Flash Player. User data is passed by Xsolla Login in a JWT. Although main browsers and some gaming platforms like Facebook Gameroom stop supporting Flash in 2020, you can still launch and distribute web and Flash games with Xsolla Launcher.

Who Can Use It

Partners with web or Flash games.

Note: For now, this feature is in testing mode and can be set up only by request. To enable it in your project, contact your Account Manager or email am@xsolla.com.

How to Get It

To enable launching and distributing of web and Flash games:

  1. Create a project in Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Set up a Login project.
  3. Set up virtual currency and virtual items.
  4. Create a new Launcher in Publisher Account.
  5. Customize the Launcher start page.
  6. In the Launcher you created, go to Build settings.

  1. Select Web app as the game platform.

  1. Apply the following settings:
    1. Specify the game URL.
    2. Specify the Terms and conditions URL.
    3. Set the minimum and maximum game window size.
    4. To let users change the game window size, set the Allow resizing the game window toggler to On.

  1. Click Save changes.
  2. Generate the Launcher installer and get the link for delivering Launcher to users.
  3. Set up JWT authentication on the game side. If you have questions, contact your Account Manager.