Dedicated Program Environment

How It Works

The dedicated program environment for Influencer Account is an additional way to promote your game. It allows you to deploy Partner Network on your own domain, featuring only your programs and inviting only your influencers. The list of available programs appears in Influencer Account when users access it by a direct link.

Example of the customized dedicated program environment

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Partner Network integrated and an influencer program configured.

How to Get It

  1. Register a third-level domain.
  2. Create a CNAME record for your domain pointing to
  3. Get an SSL certificate.
  4. Customize Influencer Account for the dedicated program environment.
  5. Send a request to In the request, include the domain name and the SSL certificate (if you received it by yourself).

Getting the SSL Certificate

There are two ways to get the certificate:

  • Via Xsolla. To get it, please request the Let’s Encrypt certificate in the email you send to get the domain.
  • By yourself. The certificate must be attached to your request. Every time the certificate is updated, it needs to be sent again.

Customizing the Dedicated Program Environment

You can flexibly configure the dedicated program environment interface. You can customize the following elements:

Log in and sign up page:

  • Background image. Recommended size: 1920x1080 px
  • Game developer logo. Recommended size: 222x64 px
  • Titles and descriptions. Requirements:
    • Titles must not exceed 50 characters
    • Descriptions must not exceed 140 characters
  • Color of the Powered by Xsolla outline
  • Background video. Requirements:
    • ID of a publicly available YouTube video
    • Video tint in the RGBA format (example: "255, 0, 123, 0.5")
    • 16:9 aspect ratio (example: 1920x1080)
    • Using a looped video is recommended
  • Floating logo. Requirements:
    • Format: PNG with transparent background
    • Image size: 304x220 px
    • Location: "top-left" (by default) or "top-right"
  • Theme of the sign up/log in block:
    • Background color: "dark" or "light" (by default)
    • Text color: "dark" (by default) or "light"
    • Footer text color: "dark" (by default) or "light"
    • Background transparency: from 0 to 100

Program list page:

  • Game developer logo. Recommended size: 64x64 px
  • Game developer’s company name
  • Browser tab name

To customize the elements of the dedicated program environment interface, send a request to Include all the materials necessary for customization.